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For more than 25 years, Atlantic has offered the highest precious metal scrap lot returns in the industry, and we look forward to bringing these top dollar settlements to you.

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Don Mappin

Atlantic President & CEO

Watch our video of Don Mappin to hear what he has to say about choosing the right company for your dental precious metal scrap refining.





atlantic precious metal refining services

Atlantic is a full-service, all-inclusive precious metal refinery. Click MORE to see the types of scrap we accept and how we process it.

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atlantic precious metal refining facts

The average dental lab has significant precious metal “hidden” in carpeting, dust traps, vacuum bags and filters! You could be sitting on a proverbial scrap goldmine and not even know it.

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atlantic precious metal refining experts

Got a question about dental scrap refining, whether it be gold, silver, platinum or any other precious metal? Ask the experts at Atlantic.

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atlantic precious metal refining calculator

Need to convert your precious metal weights before sending to our refinery? Our handy scrap calculator can help.

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