At Atlantic Precious Metal Refining, we invest in and utilize the premier technology available in the scrap refining industry in order to account for all precious metal content contained in each and every lot we process.

Our refinery processes a variety of gold, silver, platinum and palladium materials including:

  • Dental solids such as crowns, bridges, sprues and casting buttons
  • Bench sweeps, floor sweeps and carpeting
  • Dust collector bags, vacuum bags and filters
  • Platinum and palladium foil and wire
  • Gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins, bullion, bars and ingots
  • Raw and liquid gold
  • Stamped sterling silver flatware, silverware
  • Candlesticks, christening sets and more
  • NOTE: We do not accept gold-plated or silver-plated materials of any kind

Our mission is to exceed customer expectations. To accomplish this, our clients can be certain that we will never deviate from some basic, yet critical business philosophies:

  • We will be ALL-INCLUSIVE, never outsourcing any step of the smelting, assaying or refining process. This cuts out the middleman, eliminates third party payouts and results in the highest scrap lot returns in the industry.
  • We will be PRECISE, paying meticulous attention to detail during the entire refining process, guaranteeing your valuable precious metal materials are protected at all times.
  • We will be ACCOUNTABLE for our actions, never deviating from the high standards our longtime customers have come to expect and our new clients deserve.
  • We will be ETHICAL, expecting proper moral conduct by all Atlantic employees and respecting all customers, prospects, competitors and others at all times.
  • We will be EFFICIENT, limiting waste and reducing our environmental impact in not only the scrap refining process, but in all areas of our business.